Weekly Lawn Care Maintenance Program

Cut, Trim, Blown off Sidewalks & Drive.  Edge bi-weekly.

We complete a full Lawn Care Maintenance Program on you Lawn on a weekly basis.  We use the latest equipment to cut the Lawn and mulch the clippings.  

With each visit, we will cut the grass; trim the beds, blow grass clippings off of Sidewalk and Driveway areas.  If need be we will even blow the grass off of the lawn, in order to clear up any clumping of clips.

Every other week we will edge the Sidewalk and Driveway edges.  We find that this is sufficient to maintain the Clean crisp look that our customers demand.

Key Benefits

  • Grass is cut at the right height each week.  We adjust the height of the mower depending on the length of the blade.
  • Grass grows better if maintained properly.  A healthy lawn will look better with a weekly cutting.
  • All areas are clean after we leave.  Sidewalks and Driveways are always picked up.
  • The Sidewalk and Driveway areas are always crisp and look great!


This service starts at $28.00 per week for an average size lawn. 
Sign-up early in the year for a discount or pre-pay the month for a discount.

Get a few of your neighbors to sign-up and receive a block discount. 
Block Discounts start with 5 or more weekly contracts.


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